Much More Than A Munchie.
  • Hot Mess CBD 200mgs-Ultimate Potcorn


    Hot Mess CBD 200 Ultimate Potcorn Premier, offers you not only an awesome microwavable Hot Buffalo Wing flavored popcorn. But also each of these microwavable bags comes with a mega dose of 200 mgs of CBDs (cannabinoids). CBDs from hemp oil that was extracted from high quality Colorado grown hemp in a FDA certified facility and infused into our deliciously flavored, non greasy, bags of microwavable Ultimate Potcorn.

    200mgs of CBDs and all the other essential legal cannabinoids...this is a high dose intended for those people very serious about finding pain relief, relaxing, de-stressing while staying completely clear headed with no known side effects. As well as discovering the well reported, numerous and powerful benefits of ingesting legal non-psychoactive cannabinoids and (CBDs). And what better way to discover them than in the form of the buttery popcorn yummness of Hot Mess buffalo Wing flavored Ultimate Potcorn

    Trust us....Hot Mess...she's not for the weak of heart. Heck we should probably put a warning label on it. Looks are pretty deceiving when it comes to this one... that's for sure. We at Ultimate Potcorn are quite sure that our Hot Mess Buffalo popcorn it is just the thing you need to tantalize your tongue and wake up those taste buds. Get yours today!