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  • Dopey Dill CBDs 200mgs-Ultimate Potcorn


    Dopey Dill CBD 200 Ultimate Potcorn Premier, offers you not only a delicious microwavable Buttery Dill flavored popcorn. But also each of these microwavable bags comes with a mega dose of 200 mgs of CBDs (cannabinoids). CBDs from hemp oil that was extracted from high quality Colorado grown hemp in a FDA certified facility and infused into our deliciously flavored, non greasy, bags of microwavable Ultimate Potcorn.

    200mgs of CBDs and all the other essential legal cannabinoids...this is a high dose intended for those people very serious about finding pain relief, relaxing, de-stressing while staying completely clear headed with no known side effects. As well as discovering the well reported, numerous and powerful benefits of ingesting legal non-psychoactive cannabinoids and (CBDs). And what better way to discover them than in the form of the buttery popcorn yummness of Dopey Dill Ultimate Potcorn