Much More Than A Munchie.
  • Bangin Butter CBD 240mg (4pack)

    $40.00 $35.00

    A total of 240mgs in this 4 Pack of Bangin Butter Ultimate Potcorn (60mgs  per pack). More than enough potcorn to share or not share with your friends. This 4 pack of "Bangin Butter" not only offers you a delicious microwavable old school butter flavored popcorn. But a healthy dose of CBDs and all the other cannbinoids that were extracted from high quality hemp and infused into our deliciously flavored, non greasy, bags of microwavable Ultimate Potcorn.

    60mgs of intended for those people serious about relaxing and discovering the benefits of ingesting non-psychoactive cannabinoids like (CBDs). And what better way to discover them than in the form of the buttery popcorn yummness of Bangin' ButteUltimate Potcorn.